Tuesday, June 23, 2015

ABDOS providing the storage vials for storing Laboratory Samples

These days storing chemicals and enzymes and other samples in laboratories is a huge task for researchers. For the same reason storage vials come handy to scientists and researches for storage of these fluids. These vials provide worry-free biochemical sample storage in temperatures as low as -196°C.

The main features of storage vials are as mentioned below:
  • They are manufactured using high purity virgin polypropylene which are good biochemical resistant.
  • They are used for storage of enzymes, samples, biochemical reagents and other diagnostics which are carried out in laboratories.
  • HDPE screw closure is leak proof.
Storage vials are autoclavable in nature and are sterilized for its applications in medicinal labs. As they are made in state of the art moulding facility and material used helps in clear and see through vision for better results.
Abdos Labtech Private Limited manufactures storage vials by keeping in mind the usage of them in medical labs and for experimental purpose. These can be easily barcoded or can be printed for applications as required by researchers. Both sterilized and non-sterilized vials are available in market which are used as per the application requirement. Non-sterilized vials are available in bulk for its low cost and less demanding applications. They are also available in amber colour to protect chemicals from UV radiations or external radiations.
Vials are available in different shapes, forms and sizes which can be picked as per experiments and samples to be used. Researchers and scientists trust storage vials manufactured at Abdos Labtech Private Limited for the best results for their work.

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